Legal Rights Agreement

WhySpicy? has created and designed for a specific client.

All the rights of the render design and illustration artwork WhySpicy? has created and designed for a specific client belong to the client for which it was designed. WhySpicy? does not hold any rights to the designs created for a client.

In the event that payment for any design is not made in accordance with the payment policies of WhySpicy?, then all of client's rights in and to the artwork created for it, including any trademark property, will immediately revert back to WhySpicy?. Unsold artwork may be placed on the website for sale or promotion purposes as part of our online portfolio. Said design cannot be purchased by the original customer at the pre-designed price if the customer rejected the design. Furthermore, a customer may not take a design we created and take it to another designer to replicate it. This will result in copyright infringement.


Legal Rights Agreement cont...

No two customers will receive the same design. All of our work is custom work, although it may include clip art in the design. You own all rights to the design as a whole, however ownership of the individual elements is not implied.

WhySpicy? cannot become responsible of any copyright infringements inherent to the material you provide us or prior to our design and render proposals

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